Moab and more Moab

Mitch and Brady Kapius on the lazy climb to the top of Magnificent 7.

Late season is a sweet time to be in Moab. The leaves are turning, there is snow up high in the La Sal Mountains, and the riding has never been better. So far this year there has been an additional 80 miles of bike trails built, and the plan for next year is to create 70 more miles. Outstanding!

Finsty close to the edge. The drop six feet to his right is several hundred feet to the Castle Valley floor.

Mitch was in Moab for the Whole Enchilada Enduro, two days of bombing down incredible desert trails and then riding slowly to the next timed section.

Drew will be in Moab this weekend for Moab Rocks, a three-day MTB stage race that will use many of the same trails that Mitch rode in the Whole Enchilada. The difference is that in Moab Rocks, Drew will be racing the uphills, too. No car shuttle to the start of the descent.


Riding Tips

Back in March I had a great opportunity to do some videos while down at Syllamos Revenge for the NUE race in May. Here’s one of the few videos on riding on the technical terrain found in the area.


Drew’s Tips For Riding Rocky Sections from Jayson Cotter on Vimeo.

Hope you find it helpful,

Drew Edsall